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So what makes a great Pizza?

Dough- we make our dough from traditional finely milled high quality flour. it is matured for up to two days to improve the taste and texture of the finished pizza. then we hand stretch the soft dough to make a base light and thin but with a roust baked crust, ('cornicione' in italian) to give you something to bite into!

sauce- only italian tomatoes, fresh basil and virgin olive oil make their way into our sauce. Left to infuse, the heat of the oven will later make those zingy flavours explode into a pizza taste explosion!

toppings-  A range of ingredients are used to top our pizzas to taste. From a simple but classic margherita, to our spicy pepperoni we select the finest quality of each ingredient for your pizza. We can taste the difference, and we're sure you will too!

the oven - it's a huge  handmade wood fired  Pizza oven  especially designed   for mobile use. the high heat cooks with a 'wood fired' flavour no other oven  type can give.

You can taste the difference!

BBQ Chicken
Popty Special
Vegan Pizzas
Pizza Bianca
Gourmet Pizzas*
Only 100% Mozzarella cheese used on all pizzas!
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